Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's hard to blog in the dark...

Haha! Experienced my first black out last night. I thought that I was going through another one a minute ago, but it was just that my room mate had left the room with the key, and that means lights out here in India. The hotel we are staying at has this ingenious way of not wasting electricity by putting your room key in a slot that allows you to turn on the lights. Now if only there could be a way to convince them that two stoke bikes are bad for the environment...
Today was long, but good. We went to the Center of Developing Services (CDS), which is the campus that was designed by Laurie Baker and currently houses one of his NGOs, Cost Ford. It was really interesting, we had several hours of lectures about Baker's background and life, the qualities and differences of Cost Ford, CDS, and the Laurie Baker Center (LBC).  It was defintly a jam packed day of information and picture taking. The CDS campus is amazing. All of the architecture and design was done with thought on this campus, not only to having useful structures, but to have multi-uses, at minimal cost and low impact on the environment, all while making places that people wanted to be. There was flow between the buildings and even a hidden concept of mangoes. No to mention the plant life and landscaping really made it a comfortable location.I really loved it. If I ever had the opportunity to study on a campus as serene as that, I'm pretty sure I would never want to leave, but on the plus side I would spend more time studying. I ended taking so many pictures that not only did I get lost from the group at one point, but I over heated my camera. Poor little guy.
After the long day of lecturing, touring and picture taking, we all took a trip to Fab India, a store that basically has all that one would need to dress as a modern day Indian woman. Yes, I shopped and yes it was interesting. I liked the clothing, it was light and seemed very comfortable, but the style is quite different from what females in America wear. But I think I'm going to try to rock it out when I get back to the states. Ok kiddos, I'm sleepy. I hope all is well, and I will defiantly post some pictures tomorrow. Until then I leave you a picture of me trying to eat with my hands, that I tried to take by myself, and an upclose shot of some Jack fruit. Enjoy!

P.S. ~The Chi is AMAZING!!!

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