Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Chicago!

Okay, so traveling to India with the University of Iowa, with a group of people who I have never met, who all live in various states can lead to interesting incidents. After amazingly watching the guy on my flight from New Orleans experience sleep terrors during his in flight nap, I deboard and head to Chicago's international terminal. The Etihad airline counter that I had to check into was closed. As I left the counter I spot a girl in a University of Iowa shirt, and I think tho myself "Maybe she's on the same trip as me." So I walk up and ask her if she is going to India for a study abroad program, her response is "yes". Great, I think, I get to start getting to know those who I am traveling with for the next three weeks. I introduce myself and we start talking. In this time the instructor, who I have this whole time thought was a man, turns out to be an older woman. Okay, simple misunderstanding, Jerry can be a woman's name as well. Oliva, the girl I made initial contact with, and I start talking about the program, traveling, the flight, ect... It's when we start talking about how this subject is going to be so depressing and how hospices can be so sad, I realize that maybe we are not taking the same class.  Sure enough, no we are not.(Which explains why Olivia gave me such a weird look when I was telling her I was really excited about the subject we are going to be studying and how fun it will be.) Apparently there are several (or at least two) programs heading to Trivandrum through the University of Iowa. Easy mistake. I politely excused myself from the group and headed off on my own. So this really isn't the funny part. Now everyone else in the group has been coming up and introducing themselves to me, because they think I am part of the group. Awkward.

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