Monday, December 27, 2010

And so it begins...

Here I am on the first leg of several flights over the next 24 hours to make it to Trivandrum. So far it has been going great. Made it through security and on to the plane without a hitch. When I boarded, I agreed with one concerned mom to switch seats with her daughter so they could sit together. This simple arrangement was rewarded with a free vodka tonic! Thank you very much American Airlines flight attendant, or better known as "drink lady", at least to my friend Joe. I really have nothing to report besides that. I'm defiantly not looking forward to a 7 hour layover in Chicago... I guess I'll have plenty of time to read or goof off on my computer, or maybe even eat a hot dog... The long of the short is that I will most likely post more random thoughts for your enjoyment, generate by my boredom.

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