Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First day on Indian soil

So the rest of my flight was long and good. I was nervous because when I first got to my seat there was a woman who was holding a 12 month old baby, so naturally I was prepared to put in some ear plugs and braced myself for 13 1/2 hours of uncomfortable hell. But to my surprise the baby slept the ENTIRE way to Abu Dahbi! What a champ! This left me in enough peace and quite to enjoy such gems of movies as "The Other Guys", "Predator", and my favorite "Eclipse". I also enjoyed some tasty lamb and curry on the plane ride. So much better than anything served on an American airline.
The airport in Abu ahbi was interesting. It reminded me of an our day version of the Catina on Tatoonie. (I say our day, because if I said modern day then that would make it obsolete either way, right?) There was some interesting people watching... I'll post some pics soon.
Anyway, arrived in Trivandrum tired,smelly, and tired. Met most of the class, which are all planners, except for one girl who is an econ major. We got our rooms, and then I showered and passed out. We were only given a few hours to sleep because by the time we arrived and made it through customs and to our hotel it was 6am. We agreed to meet at noon and then we walked to a great vegetarian Indian place. I successfully ate my food with no utensils, with my right hand! I'm very proud of my self! Anyway, about to go shop at the Indian equivalent of H&M. Wish me luck. More later.

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